Change Licensee on Themeforest product

I have to transfer a themeforest product licence from me to a client, in the FAQ there’s something about a ‘link’ procedure. How exactly can I achieve this?

I’m a freelancer/agency. Can I use the item for an end product I’m doing for a client?

Yes. You’re essentially buying the file on your client’s behalf. Whether a regular or Extended License is needed will depend on your client’s use of the end product. With both the regular and Extended License you are allowed to charge your client for creating the End Product. Once you transfer the end product to the client (eg giving them source files for the item), be sure to link your client to our licenses and delete the item itself from your computer.

Example: If you create a website for a client using a WordPress theme, you could give him the theme as long as you deleted it and linked to our license

Would it better to ask my client to create an account, and then transfer the item from my download page?


You can’t ‘transfer between accounts’ in the physical sense.

As I understand it you are transferring the license in that you can provide the license/purchase code etc. to them so they can use the file as/where is appropriate however downloading updates etc. will still need to come from your accounts.

Okay. Another question related to this: There are constant work for me as a Freelancer as I would need constantly download the updates and install them on the hosting server. Thanks