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I’m glad that I support your theory. I’m not against it. I just say, that there are so many threads about Elements, and only this one about sorting and category pages, that it would be nice to talk on topic.
If you don’t agree with me - it’s okay. I’m not a moderator, and don’t want that role. Just expressed my opinion. :man_shrugging:


Man, ofc it depends on author, but those who has lesser income in elements compare to market income basically upload less items to Markets because of this new sorting method. So they add very few items to Elements or even none. I can’t tell for all kind of authors but for Elites it’s about to be true

And another point: AJ is far not top market here, according to visits it’s twice less than VH, but way over saturated than other markets and provide lesser variety of items, so that’s why, IMO, it suffers more than other markets

Yeah I have no details about exactly what authors and items that are being herded over to Elements, but it’s safe to say that this strategy is working really well, the numbers speak for themselves. A 1 Million challenge with some smaller prizes to win for a few authors does not explain a 32% increase in the whole catalogue the latest months. Music section have not had any significant increase at all, simply because it’s more then big enough.

The Elements catalogue would clearly be growing a lot less without the best seller sort on the markets. I think this is very safe to say, and therefore on topic here. The Elements banner is also perfectly on topic here since Envato is now telling authors to rely on external marketing pretty much alone to a marketplace that has no proper system set up to handle this.

As for challenges with AudioJungle, yes over saturation is the biggest one that I would love to discuss, but then we actually are off topic here. Honestly I do not participate in this topic because of low sales on AJ, I participate because I see authors being screwed over here in such a way that I have never seen before. For me as an AJ author there is plenty of strong opportunities outside AJ, but my impression is that this is not the case for several other marketplaces here, like Themeforest for example. It is highly unnecessary to put these authors, their employees and families under such a stress and economical pain. I really think they deserve some direct answers and explanations that goes deeper then the 5% increase in conversion.


There are lots of conditions, but major part came from new authors. As new Author is signed in so his portfolio is put into Elements (or Author can add whatever he wants in case with VH for example). If Author with 1k items of stock footages signed in, so it’s 1k+ items into elements. And another part: lots of Authors (specifically on VH) don’t put the whole portfolio in one time, they add it by parts to see how it goes. So most of that added items wasn’t even NEW items, they have been already added on the market.

And yes, from market to market situation will be different because of different rules of adding new items.

Basically all these answers were given, people just don’t want to accept what isn’t aligned with their point of view.

I’m pretty sure no one will abort all these experiments because of authors who spams hashtags here. It can be aborted only in case of really bad numbers. But as everything goes as it is I would expect page design changes (WP page like) to be implemented over all other categories across markets.

And one last thing:
Don’t expect socialism in any way, I think everyone should accept current reality whether it’s bad or good and by accepting current market conditions everyone should decide what they will do next and what strategy to use here or outside.

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Hi @jamesgiroux,

We are all tired about convincing Envato Team that the new changes are a disaster for all authors.

A huge number of authors are uploading new items without knowing about these changes.

Everyday I check this topic hoping to see ‘newest items’ sort is back.

Please feel the pain of the authors of the current topic and of these topics too :


Yap, and this is one of the scenarios where sorting best sellers does the trick, “inspiring” authors to upload more items to Elements. Anyway thanks for sharing your insights, it fills up a bigger picture.

I think we just have to agree to disagree on what is acceptable behaviour and communication from Envato’s side. And that’s ok.

I don’t think anyone here is expecting socialism, but it would be very cool if Envato did not literally work against the marketplace authors as @tips4design mentioned here earlier:

Not sure how best sellers sorting method does this. Because I’m talking about old already added to markets items. Not newly added

Ok, maybe I misunderstood a little, but let’s say items that are new enough, but not performing well, it’s natural that authors will upload these to Elements.

Usually at first authors upload not that best sellers at all =)
They upload best selling items in the end, because they afraid how it might affect sales on markets.

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There is another downside I think. If there are not enough sales then the authors will lose the motivation to update their products, which is not good for customers in the long run.


Once again, how can you list on some categories, themes with last update in 2015/2016/2017 (only because those items are the best selling on their categories) what a boost for these outdated items. What a cool surprise for authors(they don’t even need to update the items to get sales)

  • no updates
  • no WP compliant badges

= You deserve sales (Because Envato wants so)

It does not make any sense. Shame on me for updating all my items and getting the wp compliant(in exchange we got nothing). Thank you, Envato!


Sale is going down down down… check following links of latest eCommerce themes link –

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“Winter is coming” :slight_smile:


On our items, also notices that envato marketplace pages ( themeforest and codecanyon ) also losing position on Google probably because of bad/old content quality on main category pages.

I’m on envato 7 years, now when we investing more money then ever before in wp themes we have largest drop in earnings ever…




After 7 years on this marketplace the day as finally arrive. New items have stopped selling thanks to new search page & éléments.
What options do we have fellows?


I’ve been here for 7 years myself, and this hurts that Envato has left 99% of the authors that built this place completely out to dry. I was something like the 57th Power Elite author on the marketplace, so I’m probably in that top 1% of total earners, and my income has absolutely tanked drastically over the past few months. It’s the equivalent of a stock market crash, and not a slow, gradual drop off that we’ve been accustomed to over the past 7 years.

It is crystal clear that Envato no longer cares about its authors, and I encourage other authors to keep that in mind moving forward.


The most worrying thing is that they don’t engage in the conversation here. It means they are fully aware of the issue and have no solution for us. What’s the point of creating this topic if they don’t actually share their perspective to us.


Yep, I am here for over 8 years I had a good average month on April and suddenly may is a disaster not achieving half of April earnings. and this month I don’t Know I am in financial jeopardy and looking for other sources. I just put faith in Envato and I am slowly losing it. Seeing power elite authors also suffering nowadays I don’t have words. why Envato has chosen this route I did not understand. I hope Envato is hearing our voices and planning something for our aid.


I still do not understand why the authors cry in the comments, but continue to post projects. It is easier, for example, to stop posting for a month and it will suffocate ENVATO. If ENVATO is so stupid that they don’t want to hear the authors, the authors need to teach them a lesson. ENVATO are dependent on the authors and can’t do anything without us, so they need to be reminded. To increase the popularity of ELEMENTS, you could simply transfer there the projects of authors who have ceased to be updated or who are older than 1 year, or by some other criteria, and then everyone would be good. But ENVATO wants to make the most of the short term without worrying about the long term. It is necessary to Express its demands not on the forum and in actions… Raise the prices of existing products very high and stop posting new projects and only in this case you will be listened to.