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please stop the experiment!


Your experiences with the site, and dropped sales to zero, make me start stealing products from the store!


Please for God’s sake, Allah, Buddha, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, stop the experiment!


Could you please stop that experiments or something else !? Listing popular files by default ? Come on.


How many of us stoped uploading new items?


A huge drop… There were awesome sales in september-october-november, if it was another experiment, please repeat that one.




yeah and place it , too, oin the long run, as any big company they want to replace people by stupid machines and poor automated work …

all i can say is that i have been fighting self pricing as almost all new introductions … but i have to admit that when i did as regard to self pricing , that was the only time that i was wrong … self pricing is good and most of the guy make a way better money ever since it was introduced, this is something that should in no way be taken out … now this is true in GR becose authors were not stupid enough to do some “jungle like dumping”, this is the role of everyone to understand that no one has interest to lower prices, no matter what their situations are all about !!!
th extra exposure of already successful guys has nothing to do with self pricing, u are completely mistaken about this , sorry to say just this … now u are rght this exposure makes no sense at all

well i personally do not agree … how could they increase sales by showing some stuff several years old and that sometimes look very outdated … no matter how good or successful they could have been … trends have changed , people do not necessarily look for teh same type of stuffs …
if tehy feel like satisfying the best sellers as u mentioned, this means that they accept to make less money for themselves, what a genius strategy they have here lol

u are partly right at least , yes this is a bit strange to apply the same things to all contents and marketplaces, regardless of targets, products and so on …
as for me i most importantly wandering why they need things all teh time and need to make things more difficult for authors all the time, even if envato ends up messig their own money in the process …


u cannot compare … teh second half of teh year is always better due to events then … the first part is traditionally way slower , better sales at that time does not mean they did any incredible strategy in particular but made the most that most buyers need to buy , period …


Hello everyone,

Well it’s been almost a month and to me this doesn’t look like an experiment anymore.

With all my respect and I don’t want to insult anyone but… are you sure that this is an experiment…? To me it looks like a bug that for some reason cannot be solved and you need some time to fix.

Yes, yes, yes I know it’s not a bug obviously but… common Envato! What’s your purpose behind that? To lean what? To learn the obvious?

With all my respect again obviously you know what you are doing but we are in the dark here…


Hahaha… I hope the Flying Spaghetti Monster will help! :smiley: It’s very powerful !


HTML Templates from 2012 which are still “Trending” on this Marketplace, even though their hosting expired years ago? Mmmmmmmmm. Something has gone seriously wrong here. I can’t help feeling sorry for the New Authors and also jamesgiroux who was obviously shoved under the bus on this thread as the main role. A complete disaster from start to … Who knows when it will finish! James? Envato?




Как всегда ваша цель убить желание в новых авторах зарабатывать на этом рынке


ouch its up2 to me


That experiment killed so many new items, maaan!
Now Envato needs to push a promotion a whole month back for our hard work to shine and get the deserved views, but who cares, right! :beers:


Not happy with this change. It doesn’t make any sense to shove ‘Trending’ items down our throats when some of them are 2-3 years old.


Envato is THE best marketplace for sure and I’m forever grateful for it’s existence. But this experiment is EXTREMELY stupid in my opinion. Also, the reasons behind executing this experiment are pretty vague. This kind of things leave authors helpless.


Hello! I propose to make a bunch of projects of several authors from different markets and different directions as a few years ago!


Why site developers are silent, just ignore our questions