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Need to add “Recently updated items”


2 weeks of suffering and suspense for newbies (and not only), no sales = no motivation to go on.


and no one knows how long this will last?


I guess this is the biggest issue. A timeline would benefit everyone.


I think you can stop the “experiment” now. Even Elite author’s new projects are impacted in terms of sales… Most of the clients won’t spend a lot of time trying to figure it out the layers. You already makes those items more visible than the other projects before.


It’s also another useless idea. I think worse idea than current a/b/c/d experiment.


I confirm, as well as some of the authors here, because of the experiment completely killed sales. And, recently again was a week as before, with good sales and now I read that it was then that you suspended the experiment (your post 8 days ago). And now, I just do the projects, and they are dead weight, if it continues - the meaning of shipping new lost and the site will wither in the old things. This better be over.


Hey! Just tell us when you want to stop and we’ll be ok with that.


I used to get 150-175 unique page view per day on new item , it’s been 5 days since I uploaded my recent item and the total view count is 122.


This experiment is really bad :frowning: Please stop it now!


What do you think, if only 2012 products will be sold, how long will customers enter the market, where only old products are available?
I do not criticize the decision envato, but this experiment loses from all sides…


Fools! You do not understand that everything is done for Elmenets?


the smartest and most logical comment :grinning:


Hello dears!
My feedback on the experiment.
Sales of goods fell sharply, both new and old.
Also, the new release of goods is not very convenient, it used to be much more convenient, with a thumbnail icon.

Thank you!


Please stop this experiment. all sales have stopped :pensive:


Same, sales completely stopped. Not sure if it’s because of this experiment, elements, or a mix of both :smiley:


Hello!Sales are down.(enough with the search experiments!


Please stop this experiment. Sales droped


Please when will this experiment finished? It’s big disaster for all non elite authors !


Very scary experiment. Sales are very small.:sob: