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Yeah I know. It was sarcasm…


Approved the music track, and in 12 hours he collected 4 views.
What’s happening? I see that now everything is bad, but I did not think that everything is so terrible!
I still have a lot of tracks in the queue for verification, but for the first time in my life I am thinking about removing them from the queue.
I ask you to change something, it should not continue.

Thank you Envato…


Hello Envato :slight_smile:
I think this is strange to see in trending items ITEMS FROM the 2010 year!


This is a terrible time. I see no reason to waste my time here. You are only angry authors with these experiments! Work needs to be respected. And you wipe your feet. A shame.



Hi guys
I got two new projects.

When I installed new projects in the past, there was at least 1 sales per day.

However, the fact that there is no sale from the projects I have installed these days really makes me sad.

I’ve come to the degree of quitting Videohive.

Even if I make 10 sales, it is a pleasure to see my work.

However, the lack of sales made me tired.

What is your reason?


I also have 2 projects, but I do not want to unload them. May be useful for freelancing.


Guys sales are gone !! Return everything as it was …


as for i know they are switching from former and “new” displaying method, i think they went back for today as my sales were good , yesterday they were poor


I am strongly opposed to this experiment! It reduces sensibly the sales for new items and privileges the old items.

Furthermore, in my opinion the “Best Rated” algorithm doesn’t work properly, as others have often reported.

Please, return to the previous default sort, unless you create a new system to promote better the newest items.


I am grateful to Envato but Feb was the worst month (50% lower sales). Now experiments are continuing and sales are on the same low level (maybe a little bit better). It’s a nervous situation especially for non-top authors, when every sale counts. We fear we have to back to our hateful 8-hour jobs and forget about our dream to create what we do best and what we love.
Envato was the place where you could work hard and get what you deserve. It was very motivational and honest story. And we don’t want this place to become the memorial of hopes…

Pls , doing this experiments don’t kill everything we love here, our dreams and our creativity. Hope it’s just a phase.



Hi James,

This is very bad for new times. my new items is not sold as my before items. Can you please tell me when this will stop?

Please go back to show newest time first



In our PC it shows “newest items”, on mobile it shows “trending items”. Does it different appear on different devices?



My last HTML template realised 6 days ago and i set its price 5$. But I sold only 1. And its pageview already 15-20. Thanks for Brilliant Experiment !!!


Yes. I know that it is different if you are logged in or not. It is A/B/C/D test




#Envato Please stop experiment This A/B/C/D test continue… How long time ?


Envato I am seeing Nightmares that It looks like you are just playing with our earning. By putting best rated as a Default option. just answer me one thing. How new items trending or best rated if they won’t visible to anyone. doing these experiments for 2 or 3 days is ok. But doing it weeks and months will destroy the personal life of lots of full-time authors like me.


Hi my team members completely disappointed from last month. this A/B/C/D test continue ? My Business Shutdown.


I think the test is over. For me now the WordPress themes are sorted by “Newest Items”.


No. Test is not over ? Test is running…Some times “Best Sellers” Some times “Newest Items” Dynamically changing other options also.