Case-Themes > Elite Author: Is there any support?


I have tried to contact the author of the Unfinity Wordpress theme, at least 2 weeks ago, ( (Case-Themes), but have not got any reply yet.

In Case-Themes site, I tried to login and I get a “Something went wrong when trying to connect to your Envato account. Please try again.”, so I cannot sign-in in my Envato account in the Case-Themes site.
Also, I tried to send a message through their contact form and it doesn’t work and displays “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.”, which was repeated on another trial.
Eventually, I sent them an email through another page but have not replied.

I want to purchase the above-mentioned theme but I have some questions to ask the author before the purchase.

Is there any support from the specific author?

Try item comments on themeforest