Captcha issue


You have an issue with your Captcha on your marketplace non-social login. When trying to login the captcha does load until after you click login and then it won’t verify. We cannot log into our main account to make purchases or extend subscriptions. Also you leave no way for people to contact customer services via email unless logged in. Please resolve this issue.

I had experience the same issue after cleaning the cookies/browser cache.
At the first couple attempts is a little bit problem, when it happens, close the browser and re-open it instead of just keep clicking.

You can use ticket system without logging into the system by the way.


Thanks for the reply. Sadly I have tried that but it still isnt working. I have tried different browsers, also, it happens on multiple browsers. For some reason it works on this account for the forum only, but I try to log in our main business account the same way and it happens again. We surely are not the only people with this issue, you would think they would want to resolve ASAP as it is stopping and preventing sales on their website. I will just go and start using another platform to renew our subscriptions on. Can’t find the ticketing system, very much a design flaw in their website and processes to not have easy ways of reporting issues such as this, will impact their bottom line directly.

Clear the browser cache ( delete all of the cookies ) and try again.



I am not deleting cookies and making my life difficult refilling in everything for weeks to spend money with a company that has a bad website design. Also its on multi-browsers suggesting its not a cookie/cache issue or it would most likely be a single browser issue. I used edge which I have never used before so is a clean cache and that still had the issue. But thank you.

Thanks for sign posting the ticketing system will send them a rant for wasting both of our time trying to resolve their issue.