Cannot Contact Support - Captcha is TERRIBLE


So I signed up for unlimited downloads and have downloaded quite a bit. I noticed that Captcha was getting hard to do. Sometimes taking over 5 minutes just to download one thing.

It’s now doing this thing where after you pass the questions, it just reloads the widget and you have to do it all again. I tried downloading this:

I’ve done the captcha 7 times so far and it keeps reprompting me to keep doing it!

I tried contacting support, but they have a captcha on there too which does the same thing!

Here’s the original messege to support:

Hello, I downloaded a fair bit on the site. The reCaptcha now asks increasing time consuming verifications. Like, an insane amount. I’m spending a lot of time putting this in.

For example, I’m trying to download the included Wordpress addon. I click verify and a click box opens up which asks me to click on stuff sometimes over 5 times.

Then, when it says it’s succeeded, it closes, the tick appears but then the widget reloads and I have to do it all again. I’ve done it about 7 times so far on this one widget alone.

You really need to tone down this ReCaptcha. It is so bad that the subscription is barely useable. I understand there may be bots out there, but that’s not the problem of the customer and you can’t put so much in place that causes such disruption.

What are you going to do about this? Are you able to reset the captcha limit on my account? Pretty sure I’m not a machine.


How can I contact support if I can’t get past Captcha? Is there an email address or phone number I can use?
I’ve checked my browser and it is supporting cookies etc.


Uninstall all of your browser extensions first and clear cookies and history. Then try again. If you face the problem again, then change your browser. Hope you will get solution.

Safari works better than Chrome. BUT, I still have to go through loads of Captcha in order to download stuff. I’ve managed to ping support.

Any way to reset the captcha so that it’s quicker?

I know your feel, bro…
I meet the captcha every time when I want to download the image (or any elements)

The user experience is extremely bad :’(