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Hi, has anyone had this problem: For some reason when I download any image or video I’m hit with the captcha challenge… every… download. This just started happening as I used to be able to download bulk files, multiple music beds, backgrounds etc. without having to go though the challenge steps each time. The system thinks I’m a bot all of a sudden which has dragged productivity down to a crawl.

Is there any way to fix this?

I’m here for the same issue. It’s not only a giant waste of time but it’s insulting that we’re being forced to do unpaid labor for Google’s self-driving car technology while trying to actually work.

Enavto - PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP. This is a horrible user experience. I’ve downloaded a few items today - each one of them with a Captcha that takes 30-40 seconds to complete.

I think i figured it out. Something weird is going on with Envato and certain browsers. I was using Chrome and having tons of issues suddenly. So I switched to Edge and logged in there, works just fine. Either clear out all the cookies and cache on your browser, or download a different browser and try to log in. Sad that we have to do hacks on a paid account, but at least it’s working again.

I hope they didn’t pay anything for the stupid advice to put a capita on the subscribers download section, for already signed in subscribers, give them an annoying little picture game to play for every download every time they need one !. What better way to remind all subscribers that they really do need to find a better stock and music solution - that isn’t so brain dead as to do this to their subscribers.

Not with a management that does not listen to its subscribers - sigh!

You can Update Chrome to the latest version to solve captcha challenge

Not if you are using Firefox - or Safari …that is if you have taken proper care of your security you get tripped up this sort of clown effort - must be flavor of the month a lot of websites doing this in the most stupid places. Thankfully a lot of stock scene music sites are not so silly, I just would have liked to support this Aussie effort as they have been around for man years, oh well not if they are not listening.

Hi @Steve234, @Delize1993, @agarrettmbl & @border. Thanks for letting us know! This definitely shouldn’t be happening, but we have a few reports on the forums and in our support tickets.

Our developers are investigating at the moment, but we haven’t been able to replicate the bug yet. Which browsers and operating systems are you seeing this on?

Hi @BenLeong - thanks for checking in. The problem started on the day I posted and hasn’t been an issue on Envato after that day. However, shortly after I had this issue with Envato - I noticed that the reCaptcha started popping up much more frequently on other sites I use as well. So it doesn’t seem like it was specific to Envato. I apologize for my initial reaction but this was the first site that it happened on and was incredibly frustrating.
I am on Mac OS 10.15.5 and using Firefox browser (up to date).

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