Can't upload themes



I bought Directory themes from you and trying to upload zip that I downloaded in the purchase confirmation as a zip file but it is not completed and ask me to retry many time.

Anyone can help me!!!

Your kind assistance is very much appreciated.



What error are you receiving?

Is it "Missing sytlesheet’?
If so - are you sure it is a WP theme? Go to your downloads ( assuming you are logged in) and choose ‘Installable WordPress files only’.

If it is a time out or size error then this is probably down to your host and you may need to contact them



I’ve already download the installed theme only but it’s not working either. I do it in Local wamp server.

Is there any clue to pave the way for me.



It could be several reasons - best option is to ask the author of the theme. In the item page at the top click the ‘Support tab’ and the contact info will be there


Are you uploading the exact same zip file that you downloaded? If so, that could be why. You need to unzip the file and in the unzipped folders you’ll find the actual zip file that you need to upload. It should tell you what that zip file is called in the help files that will be in the main folder that you’ve unzipped. If that’s not the issue then as Charlie says, the support tab is your friend.