Can't Submit my Project!

Although I triple check, I get the same error whenever I try to submit my files that I uploaded via FTP already:

! Please review the following issues that occurred

  • Main File(s) is required
  • Main File(s) appears to be corrupted or not a zip file.

What the hell is wrong?

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What are you uploading, have you zipped up the files, and if so, with what zip software/format?

hi, can you upload video files through Filezila ? their FTP server is not working i guess.

It is an After Effects project. I zipped the files using WinRAR.

I already uploaded the files via FTP. I can see the uploaded files, but when I pick each file in their respective fields in the submission form and press upload I get the error. Files are all OK.

hi, FTP uploads not working since yesterday and that is why any files uploaded through ftp not working for you

I uploaded my files 2-3 days ago actually and FTP upload worked for me. My files are already on the server and I can choose them on the submission page. Still I get the error when I press the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

Don’t use WinRAR, Use Winzip for creating a zip file. “.rar” is not acceptable file format “.zip” is.

I also faced the same problem at some point of my career but it was sorted out .

Thanks For sharing your thoughts