ZIP FILE ERROR while uploading, help please?

I am trying to upload a file on Videohive and it’s AFTER EFFECT template, It’s a zip file but it’s keep giving me an error. Can anybody tells me what’s the issue here because I already upload couple of files on videohive but never got any issue.

Choudhry Atif

Hi. If you’re trying to upload a file over 500MB and having an error then you should try FTP upload

Yeah try FTP if it’s over 500MB, and make sure you’re not using one of the zip types that Envato don’t recommend using. Can’t remember what they are off the top of my head, but it’s on the upload page.

My Zip file also keep giving me an error suddenly. (screenshot attached).
I was used to compress the same Zip format since beginning and worked fine.

If you’re just uploading one clip then you don’t zip it… just upload the video file as is.

oh ok. Thanks. I thought all main files should be zipped.

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I am trying to upload multiples files inside one zip and it is givin me the same error message. I did it many time before with no errors. File size is under 500 MB.

Same happens for me also, i used to upload zip file in the new uploader why suddenly this is not working.
other option is the ftp which is never works and the @envato team are not bother answering and fixing the problem.

are you able to upload now. zip file…

This is first time for me to upload multiple files
Please any say me how to upload through FTP Step by Step .

I have files and separate preview video.

how to upload A zip folder in Motion graphics Category

now current date : 1 - 06 - 2021

I am also don’t know method how to upload through FTP

How to upload a Zip Folder that has many videos.

Please let me know . When you the method or solution for this issue

For me right now the only option is to use dropbox. I have create a 2gb free plan for dropbox and i upload in at the dropbox account.

Then will upload use dropbox and sign in with your dropbox credentials.

Note that this methods is only works for Motion Graphics. If you have a dropbox subscription than you can upload more than 2gb but free dropbox account will limit to 2gb Maximum file size.

I hope this will help u.

I really don’t know , what is meant by drop box account

Create a account

Fine . I try this . Can we upload Zip file in this

yes we can but the Dropbox basic is only 2gb limit if you plan to have a subscription they will charge.

Fine . Thanks a lot for your Kind Response . I will try and let you know.

Can you share your mail ID, so I can ask Doubts related to uploading process.

I am new author to Video hive and no one there to help me.

It will a lot help to me.

Just download a free FTP client and follow the instructions

I tried and I uploaded the zip file successfully FTP client, but in uploader the zip file is coming error.

Now 2021 year . There is something called CSV and metadata.

I don’t know what to do.

Could you plsssssssss help me.

I have 37 .mov files ziped in folder and separate preview video, thumbnail.

Help me I am new to this video hive

Im not an expert so I actually don’t know what to do here but I found this post so maybe it’ll help

Also you might want to contact the support team