ERROR Uploading a zip file since yesterday! Anyone else with the same issue?

hi guys, anyone having problems uploading files? I never had any issue uploading a zip file using the normal way (not via an FTP). The file starts uploading but somewhere in the process it stops and says “error” (it already happened at 12%, 43%, 64%, etc…) Please let me know if any of you are having the same issue so I know that it is not my internet or computer.

Thank you

Try simply reloading the page. ( this should help ) :wink:

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I’m having this issue already long time. The only solution us to use FTP upload.

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thanks guys, I appreciate the help. For some reason, it simply worked this morning. SO no need to use FTP at this stage.

hi I did try reloading the page and even quit my browser…but as you can see the problem was mysteriously solved! :slight_smile:

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That happens sometimes, when a lot of people try to upload at the same time.