Error uploading zips

Anyone else having problems uploading zip files? I’ve tried 7zip and PeaZip to make the archives, but no luck. Also tried Edge instead of Chrome to upload. Still not working. FTP will not work either.

Anyone in the same boat?


I believe you know all of these just I would like to mention if help. If you go to upload new items you will see in right sidebar you will find:

Corrupt Zip Files

read that sidebar widgets content.

Also about ftp please read carefully troubleshooting guide (if you haven’t already) and work through that to see if it helps.


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Don’t know about Mac, but on Windows 10 I use built-in “Send to ZIP file” function, and everything works fine.

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Hmm, I just reloaded the page and the zip seems to have uploaded just fine. Has the green tick and everything. Hopefully it’s actually uploaded… I guess I’ll submit it and hope for the best :crossed_fingers:

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