The issue with uploading items

Hello everyone. I would like to find out if there are those among you, who have such a problem with uploading, what is shown in the screenshot? I cant to upload kits or pack

Thanks you in advance for your answers. :wink:

Yes, the same thing happened to me recently. Try uploading using FTP.

Hey, Might try to remove the “Inspire Kit.mp3” first, cancel all errors and press f5 1x and try again.

Look what happend to me (support fixed it):sparkles: :

Same here. After ca. 6% it’s all over. Only music packs. Music uploads are fine. Reloading the page doesn’t help. This problem only started recently.

I have the same issue right now.
Iam able to only upload the “MP3 watermark” and the zip upload always gets an error after view seconds!

Hi @PearlsMusic , try using FTP.

Use a FTP, I recommend FileZilla

@CleanMagicAudio @TheMusicBed
Thanks for your reply. I tryied to upload via FTP but Iam totaly new on trying to use this system and I failed.
Later then I was able to upload my Item the standart way. :slight_smile:

Good news :+1:t4:

Please finally fix upload error. FTP is to abstract (Krytical Errors all the time). THX