Can't search AudioJungle based on track id anymore & preview names wrong...

Hello AudioJungle,

As per the title, we are unable to search based on track ID any longer. This would be really nice to have again since there are plenty of identically named songs and the only way to tell them apart is through the author!!

The addition to rename preview files is great. It has a couple of flaws though. First the titles of the preview files don’t match with the downloaded ones. Apparently that has to do with how the author uploaded the package, but sometimes even the track name is completely off (eg. preview says “This Hip Hop” and bought file says “That Hip Hop”) - really confusing!! They really need to match together and with the AJ titles. Additionally the preview names would be even better if the filename contained the track ID and perhaps even the word AudioJungle so we know where the stock music is originally from.

Always with regards,