Can't find cues!

I’ve had this difficulty more than once with this website, and it makes this service extremely frustrating. I use previews, so my clients can approve of the music without committing funds. Now I’m looking for this cue: 22407556_the-hip-hop-trap_by_top-skill_preview.mp3 - Using the music ID number to search has never resulted in anything for me. Ever! I once contacted the composer who said I couldn’t find his cue because he renamed it! WHY!??! I can’t even find this artist “top-skill” in this case. It is so much trouble to compose my videos around music, get my clients’ ok, then can’t find the unwatermarked cue to replace the preview! Time and money and aggravation. You guys really need to figure this out. I’m not likely to come back here for music. The pain is too great.

Hi @tudorapplen the track you are looking for is this one but unfortunatly it seams like it was removed from audiojungle and even the author of the track seams to have his account removed too.

I´m an author too and sometimes we remove old tracks that don’t sell well or didn’t sold at all. I understand your situation and I feel for.

In the case of renamed tracks when we rename it usually is because that track is not selling and we change the name in an atempt for the track to be found and purchased and sometimes for coincidence someone has that track preview in his project and when go back to buy it the author changed the name. This is a coincidence a bad one for sure and it is bad for the author, for the buyer and for the audiojungle.

In the case of searching the track by the ID like this one 22407556 in the search box it wouldn’t find, I usually search an ID track like this:
I open any track from audiojungle and at the link bar I replace the ID number of that track by the one I’m searching for and it opens the track I want. Is not the easiest way but it works :smile:
Hope you can understand, it’s some bad coincidences.