Audiojungle search not working anymore

When you find a song you like you can download a water marked version that has a number such as 20355207. If you then past that number in the search you will be taken to that song. I use this system all the time and I’m really upset that something has changed and the search feature no longer finds the song associated with the number. I have five songs I’m looking for and without the number search it will take an additional 10 minutes per song. Not sure what happend or who to talk to but this needs to be fixed ASAP.

Yep, you can’t search by preview number anymore. Let us know the preview number and the length of the preview file and we can find it for you. :slight_smile:

Is that a feature you are working on bringing back? I purchase music all the time and try out lots of songs to make sure I get the best song possiable before purchasing. Between this account and my other one I have purchased thousands of songs using this workflow. I can’t just return to this forum post every time I want to find a song such as 20422839 or 15259920.

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PS, I already found and purchased both of those songs. What I would really love to hear is that returning that search feature is in the works and will be available soon.

(Edit – oops, I completely misread. Thought we were dealing with preview numbers and not item IDs).

It’s coming back, but it doesn’t seem to be a priority (see highlighted post):

P.S check my post over there as well for a workaround for finding an item using ID number :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem! Please help me to finde these tracks:

Thank You!

Heya. Looks like the first one is no longer available:

Second one is here:


Thank you! I just find second one :slight_smile:

This is an excellent example of how Audio Jungle really messed up by removing a feature that is really helpful. The workaround suggested requires me to do more work which makes it a disappointing suggestion.

I am looking for the Track “20847248_epic_by_edrecords”.
Thank You!

This one? It matches the title but not the item number.

no, I’m afraid its not it, it does not match in tonality and length, do tracks get replaced or “updated”? I loaded the preview a few months back, and need the exact version (length 3:50).
Thank you!

Probably the title has been changed or the track has been taken down. I’ll have another look. You could also contact the author directly.

Is it this one?

Side note: these two tracks sure sound similar…hum, hum…

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What are you talking about? One track is 100bpm and the other is 102bpm…
Yes, its the exact same track, isnt it?

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Almost! the piano in the preview is darker, but the basetrack is the same… strange so close! this is a solid Plan B. But renaming Tracks is dangerous, I bought the false “epic” Track for noting plus this one. Thank you for your efforts guys!

The link I found is the exact same item number as yours. So the author probably updated the track you had chosen. You may want to reach out to him to see if he still has the older version.

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Hi! I really changed a bit and renamed this track. Here is If you need an older version, write your email and I will send you)

For example my preview file I downloaded weeks ago was “19356604_uplifiting-motivational_by_greentigermusic_preview.mp3”

You cant just go back into audio jungle and type in “19356604” or “green tiger music” or something like that.

I had to download another track, look at the file name and look how the url reads, copy and paste as that was formed.

ie my downloaded file name. Copy and paste the mp3 “19356604” and “uplifiting-motivational” part into another url. leave everything as is.