Can't log into my account

I don’t know where to post, so I’ll try to post here. I have an account to which the mail is attached, I try to enter by login and password does not work as it asks through the mail to enter.
The problem is that I came to another country to live and enter my old mail can not, I can write what mail was, what goods bought.
How do I change the mail that I can enter my account, where do I write that I can not enter the account

You will need to contact Envato support

I wrote to the support team, and I received a ticket number in my email. I need to check the resolution of my issue, as it has been over a month since I asked my question and I haven’t received a response by email. I don’t understand where else I can look for the answer.

If there’s nothing on the account, get a new account.

Send a follow-up message/email by replying the support ticket.