Can't activate my plugin

Hi everybody. I just downloaded a slider from Envato Elements libraries. Now I would like to activate it on my website. I just downloaded my license certicate but while I try to activate it pasting my Item License Code I get this “Purchase code is not valid.” How can I solve this?

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Hello @kiya_grafica

There is no purchase code available for items on Envato Elements. This applies only for the items listed on the main marketplaces such as CodeCanyon or ThemeForest (which are independently purchased).

If you see purchase code activation requests for items downloaded on Elements you can ignore them and proceed to use the plugin as normal.

Please note that features such as automatic updates (that can be unlocked via a purchase code) are not available for items on Envato Elements. However, you can still update the plugin manually by downloading the latest version of the item and replacing the updated files in the appropriate plugin folders.

For more information regarding this issue you can check out this article → Do I need a purchase code? – Envato Elements Help Center


Ok. Thank you so much for your answer :smile:

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