Can you claim revenue (monetization) without ContentID? (also distrokid vs cdbaby and few other question).

So… Here’s the deal. I’ve been thinking about posting my music to Spotify and few other streaming services as well as to start making more video on my Youtube channel in hope to get people to listen top my music, distribute some “royalty free” music as well as maybe secure some deals and get some money of my music being use in someone else channel but the longer I read about everything, the worse it gets.

  1. Firstly, Distrokid vs Cdbaby, I know there are a lot of posts comparing them (and there is always founder of DistroKid braging how great his service is) but the fact is I don’t think it’s cheaper than CDbaby due to the fact that I pay 49$ per album on CDbaby and it remains on spotify, tidal, etc forever and I get access to Content ID so I can monetize from my music being used right? Whereas on DistroKid I would have to pay 19$ per year and again 15$ again eevery year for each album I release (and also maybe pay for the leave a legacy option to not have it deleted in case I forget to pay so they don’t delete it)?

  2. Second question: is there any way to get access to content ID cheaper (so using distrokid for distribution and get content ID from different service/publisher) or maybe there are different alternatives? I heard that ONErpm, Audiam, and offer it but I’m not sure if they offer what I want.

  3. And third question is: can I still copyright strike or fill a complaint as if I had ContentID flag a video and get a share of their revenue from monetization (or 100% if they are basically stealing and claiming it’s theirs) if someone uses my music in their video, or are just stealing the whole video?
    I know I can ask them to remove the video or flag it so youtube can delete it (I hope) but can I monetize this video for myself especially If I lost the youtube parter thing (not enough subscribers and views so I no longer can monetize my own videos). Because form what I understand when I have Content ID from let’s say CD Baby it’s their job to monetize the video and if it already is make it so they (and therefore me) receive money but do I have any control over how it’s handled? Because if it’s just a small channel without monetization then why would I block it, I could monetize but that really depends on how they use it, I want to have a choice, I would certainly however want to either block, mute or get a share if it was used in a popular video.

Or maybe there are different services that offer detection in form of content ID or something similar that allow to collect money from ads on youtube or royalties from your music being used (I would also want to be able to make music for commercial use in ads, etc so company that could handle it would be usefull).

I’m currently reading few topics here such as this one:

and they mention something abdout AdRev, BMI, PRO, PRO info, IPI/CAE and frankly I have no idea what it means (also this topic is huge which certainly doesn’t help much).

Basically I want to be able to:
a) manage rights to my songs, upload some as my personal projects albums to all streaming platforms and sell them (also on bandcamp and with content id protection against use in videos on youtube)
b) as well as upload CC royalty free music (without protection because they seem to not like it so I could just share it for free with donations/bandcamp purchase as an option and credits in video or just distibute them as copyrighted material and inform people about terms of use)
c) and upload music that I want to be used comercially (and collect royalties from it).

I hope someone can help me, again I know there are tons of topics but it’s still very hard to find info, also if it helps I don’t have a huge following fanbase, nor a lot of music, I’m just starting out but I want the best options I can afford to secure my music and earn just enough to pay for the services itself… Also sorry for any mistakes and typos, english is not my native language.


I’ll try and answer sone of your questions.

  1. Can’t help you with this one. Don’t have any experience with either of those companies.

  2. ContentID is a free service. You do need a third party to get in the system, but third parties usually do not charge you anything. Publishing platforms sometimes do include ContentID in their package, but if you’re just looking to get your music registered with ContentID, you should use a third party that is solely focusing on ContentID and rights managements, such as AdRev.

  3. ContentID is the only way to earn from the monetization of videos using your music. Without ContentID, all you can do is file a complain and block the video. Depending on the interface of the third party of your choosing, you may be able to manually lift a claim (and you need to be able to do so for music sold on Audiojungle).

AdRev is a ContentID Partner company, that register your music within ContentID. It is a free service but they collect 20% of your ads revenues. PRO means Performance Rights Organization. They collect performances royalties on your behalf. BMI is one of the two major PRO in the US. IPI/CAE are basically ID numbers that PRO use to make sure the music and author are correctly identified.

Hope it helps!

Apply for YouTube content id your self for your own channel!! Go to this link,
You must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to be eligible for monetization. There are more qualifying criteria in order to be eligible for youtube content id registration.

Or if you dont want to deal with it or your not quiet eligible to do so yet, you can use they do not collect any of your earnings and is 100% free.
Just note that when you have any company including Audiam CD Baby, ONErpm etc, to upload your music through their outlet under their youtube partnership, you will not be able to monetize that content on your youtube channel and it will also cause a headache if your a music producer selling licensing rights for your music to artists or other youtube channels to use in their videos on their youtube channels. Understand that any company you chose to use for “youtube content id” “sync licensing” “monetization services” all the same thing for the most part, is going to claim rights to your content on youtube in order to manage money earned through ads ran over your videos. If they charge you for this service, don’t use them just use because its a free service and they do not take a cut from your youtube revenue! The owner of Audiam is Jeff Price who also launched TuneCore. Just look up “Jeff Price Why You’re Not Getting Paid The Streaming Money You Earned (And How To Get It) | SF MusicTech 2014”

I hope this was helpful!

Not true PurpleFob, “You do need a third party to get in the system” Wrong, you do not need a 3rd party to register for content id. Apply for YouTube content id your self for your own channel!! Go to this link,

AdRev is not a free service if they take a 20% cut. Say you generate $100,000 in ad revenue. How much is 20%??? Exactly, not free. Once you hand over the right for CD Baby who actaully goes through Rumblefish to handle your music on youtube with content id, you can no longer monetize that video/audio on your channel and you lose a large percentage of profit not to mention it creates a huge headache when the producer wants to license their music for a thirdy party to use such another youtube channel or an artist or a company who is going to use it for a commercial on youtube. Cut the middle man do it your self save a ton of money and avoid the headache.

Well, tell me TommyTrentobJr, have you tried to register directly yourself? All accounts I have heard, of authors trying this themselves, ended up in rejection. Which is why we’ve been relying on third parties. Now, maybe they criteria have changed and it’s now easier to get in. So, to all authors who have done so successfully, please come forward, so that you can share your experience!

Thanks for the math lesson! You know it’s the same with Audiam, which you said is 100% free one post above? Though it seems it’s 25% for them, compare to AdRev’s 20%… So I don’t really get what your point is.

This is indeed a big no-no for us stock music authors, and not something I ever suggested. Please don’t make me say things I did not.

If it is indeed possible, then that’s great news! I have yet to hear from anyone who managed to do it though.


Yup, agreed with this. My channel has10.000 subscribets and more than 5000 hours. I think they just rejected everyone that applied except the big companies :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, I have not applied I just know there is an app that can be filled out to try. Also when referring to Audiam, you get 100% of the money from views on your own videos/channel. In addition, Audiam gets you money from other people who use your music in their YouTube videos.

Audiam only charges a 25% administrative fee if it gets you additional money from other people using your music on YouTube not 25% from videos on your own channel. I should have clerified that a little better.

Dont worry I didn’t say you said anything lol I just added in that producers who are licensing music shouldn’t do so and certainly should not use CD Baby or ONErpm or any other company who charges outrages fees to go through their content id. I trust Audiam over AdRev any day so for me the extra 5% is worth the security knowing that Jeff Price is very much involved and very transparent. Your welcome for the math lesson lol

Sorry too vague to be a usable fact.

It’s exactly the same with AdRev. . This is a moot point anyway, as you can monetize your own videos yourself anyway.

Well yes… that’s the whole point of ContentID.

Look, you obviously like Audiam better, and that’s fine. I’m not here to say AdRev are the best. I think both are pretty similar tools. Whichever you pick/manage to register with is fine. All that matters is that your music is protected.

However, I do take issue with your asserting unfounded claims that you yourself have not verified, such as us authors not needing a third party to access ContentID, that third parties create headaches and complications and not making a distinction between ContentID third-parties and Digital publishers such as CDBaby, which are an entirely different issue. All you’re doing here is bring more confusion to an already complex and complicated matter.

Shouldn’t do what exactly? Register their music with a ContentID third party? That’s preposterous.