Can we use PIXELSQUID photos to make our PSD template designs

there are many cool features /
can we use pictures

I was thinking the same thing today… Can we use it for creating print templates, mockups etc. in order to sell them here?

It is incredibly vague in their licensing and basically saying do what you want but if you get sued it’s your problem not theirs and they make zero warranties against the files.

It does also say:

d. Stock Imagery Clearinghouses. You may NOT publish or distribute Creations through a stock media clearinghouse, for example as part of an online marketplace for photography, clip art, or design templates.

Which to me is a NO.

Why risk it when you can use Photodune images even with watermarks as long as you have permission from the author and credit them.

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i think PCjumbo is Legal on envato some friends told me the use sometimes pcjumbo pictures

Hello all! I double-checked with PixelSquid and I can confirm that PixelSquid assets cannot be used or repackaged in design templates (such as GraphicRiver print templates) that are intended to be resold and redistributed. Sorry!


thank you bro for help