A question used images from istockphoto...

Hi to all:
I will design PSD but I want used images from https://www.istockphoto.com/ but I will used placeholder, do I can? please help me thanks. Regards.

Please make sure you used the free images but if you don’t want to use free images then you need to purchase it. You can also use free images from http://unsplash.com/

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Many thanks for you reply, I would website psd bingo play and I need images bingo but not find free photos but i need buy it problem I not have money :frowning: a question:
Do I can used photodune.net images free and use placeholder or need buy it? please help me thanks.

I think you can if you specify a link to the author of the photos on your item page.
But to make sure you can contact Envato Help center.

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many thanks for you reply, but before of submit my design psd i will contact envato help center?.

Yes, contact them right now to make sure it’s Ok.

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many thanks, regards.

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