Can we "globally" raise the price of all tracks with 5 price entries?

…then have that price apply to all tracks for all 5 licenses?

Or do we really have to do this one at a time? 5 entries for every item for sale?

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I would also like to know if this exist? It would be nice if we could edit text, html, links, etc in tracks globally as well, just a thought.

Nope. You really do have to do it manually for every item. Sometimes it really feels like they enjoy messing with us.

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We’ve asked for batch editing a (long) while ago. Seems not to be important enough.

Maybe in future some good programmers will make an app for such a task
It would be very good

Well I just did a test to see how fast I can get this done and it takes about 1 minute per track to do this, but I will accellerate this by having an assistant help out with 50% of my tracks. Here is a tip to all to accelerate the mundane process that should have been automated by Envato so we can “globally” set prices for all 5 price tiers with only 5 entries and then click “apply to all items”.

1, Write down on a piece of paper your price for each license. I am going with these for every track regardless of length:

This will result in these prices for the customer for every track in my catalog:

I can change the price of 40 tracks per hour in this insanely ridiculous 1 track at a time process. I have 231 tracks in my catalog so I have about 6 hours of labor ahead of me clicking and changing the price. It’s a 4 click process per track then 5 data entries entering my prices, then I click save. Boy do I feel sorry for Olexandr!

I am selecting these prices above because everyone needs to price their music to USA and European buyers.
News Flash to all: American and European media makers, film makers, advertising folks, etc… have money! Yes indeed they do and please remember that. American companies have money and budgets to spend for professional media projects. They want to spend money on a piece of music that will work. They will not dig around more for an $8 track if My $49 track works better. I can guarantee you that.

Do not be fearful of raising your prices.

Do not think that volume of sales will increase with a lower price, it won’t! Lower prices will not = higher monthly revenue. The exact opposite will happen and i have seen this happen first hand on other markets.

Lower prices will result in lower monthly income for you.

Higher prices will result in increased monthly income for you.

I have verified this from other markets.

Fact: raising prices in other markets has resulted in higher monthly revenue for me.

If you believe in your works, price them higher.

Again, sell to Americans (USA FOLK) and Europeans - They have the money and they account for 75% of the transactions on these markets. No one wants a cheap date!

A cheap price will communicate that you are cheap date, with low quality, low uniqueness (irrelevance) to the buyer.

This is my opinion but I also base my opinion based on facts from experiences in other markets.

Remember, at higher prices you do not need to sell as many tracks each month to hit a revenue goal. It’s all about revenue, not “volume of sales”. Please remember that your goal is to increase revenue, not decrease it.

These prices I am listing above are fair market value for PROFESSIONAL American and European advertisers, film makers, and media makers. I suggest targeting professionals if you believe you are a professional. For those who want to support the local churches in Idaho, or a small town community event in Bulgaria, go ahead and price your track at $1.

Better question is this: What are you doing in this business if you intend on dumping your prices and dignity down the toilette? It’s your choice. You can behave and act like a professional and price your works with dignity, or you can remain an amateur hobbyist at music production and not advance your career to the next level.


I understand your pain… I already asked about a batch or template or something…

Now… we have some talented developpers here (see the amazing proposal by @LuigiPulcini for the player, that could display markers AudioJungle player: markers for versions)… maybe there is a way to have a kind of JS plugin that could fill the form automatically for us?

I think many authors could even donate such project.
Including myself
Maybe they can make some project on kickstarter, put what money they need, we donate, they create
What do you think about that?

In the mean time, try to get your wife or friend or someone - Mom, Dad, brother…to help. Just login on 2 or 3 computers and do the clicking and data entry labor. Just try and get it over with as fast as possible. I have about 40 done now and 191 to go. My intent is to be done today. Take a day out of your life and just get it over with. This task could not be more boring and frustrating.

It’s so ridiculous and irresponsible of Envato to not have a global price change feature for the 5 license tiers.
News Flash Envato: We will most likely want to change our prices at some point in the future based on the market response.

Indeed it does feel like they intentionally wants to create drama, and discussion about pricing while making everyone suffer boring, mundane clicking and data entry work. So sad that such an innovative company with talented developers would do this to their content creators that are enriching the owners of Envato with enormous amounts of passive income month after month. It feels like a a good slap in the face and then cigar smoke being blown in your face.


Cheers :sunglasses:

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It lets you set the price too? Why did I forget about this great tool?! Would have saved me a few hours.

Thanks, that’s definitely a step in the right direction, but…

From what I can tell, it seems to be geared towards coders, meaning, it’s not very intuitive…plus, each individual item URL must be entered manually.

On “another stock site”, they have an “apply template” function where all you need to do is check the box per item from a master list. That’s something we could definitely use here.

Can you draft a step by step process in this thread so I can change all my prices to this:

I still can not figure out how to globally change my prices…

Have you tried the plugin @Stockwaves provided? Can’t install Chrome right now due to my set up limitations, but from what I remember it was pretty straightforward.

Hey SteelSound, You can use the tab button to cycle through the data entry boxes. two taps per box. saved me some time. shame there isn’t a ‘next track’ button to quickly navigate.

Be careful what you post about pricing on here. I know you mean well with the advice, and I appreciate it, but your post could get you in trouble for price fixing, which can get your account suspended.

This link explains what I mean.

A little hysterical about the price fixing issue, are we?

There’s a world of difference between his discussing prices - which are public anyway - and two or more authors deciding on a particular pricing strategy.

But let’s be realistic for a moment: We’re talking about stock music here. Not even a blip on the radar of the world economy. Empires will not rise or fall based on the price of a piece of background music for a corporate video. If ever there were a non-issue…I suspect Envato just brought it up in the course of doing due diligence for the policy change.

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Hey EightBallAudio. I’m not hysterical about it, I just don’t want peeps getting in the sh*t for doing it. I mean, SteelSound pretty much layed out their pricing strategy and urged others to take a similar direction. It’s probably good advice, but if it could potentially get your account suspended, it’s probably not worth giving it.

You’ve got to be kidding. There are far worse transgressions that go on here on a daily basis that result in NO punitive action whatsoever. Like authors uploading identical tracks to multiple accounts. Or nearly identical tracks. Or using construction kits as is. And the list goes on.

Again, there is a HUGE difference between an author announcing his pricing strategy and multiple authors COLLUDING on a particular strategy. THAT is what is “prohibited by law” - - - as if it matters.

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How am I trying to engage in “Price fixing” by publishing what I am going to price my tracks at? I am not encouraging anyone to follow my strategy at all. People will do what they want with pricing strategies and I do not think for one second that my prices are the best solution for all. My prices are what they are because that is where I am setting them at.

Whether I state what they are going to be here in this forum or not is irrelevant. As Soon as I can get through the boring labor of raising my prices, it will be public knowledge where my prices are set. I am quite happy about 49 as the base price…already sold one at that price and it feels amazing to make $36.56 from 1 standard license sale already!..That would have net me $12 yesterday, but today with my new prices I made $36.56 from 1 track sold. You see folks…don’t be ignorant, my thesis already has value. I made one sale and the revenue from that 1 sale already equals revenue from 3 sales from yesterday’s prices. So yes, I can not raise my prices fast enough!

I am not fixing any prices. Everyone go ahead and do as they please. Lower your price into the toilette of nothingness and become a cheap date that no one wants to look at.

Thank you Envato for finally allowing us to do this. You have foolishly screwed yourselves out of millions of dollars in profits these past 8 years because of your ridiculous fixed prices. We finally now have a real market where artists can create their own value and worth.

Again price your works for rich American, Canadian, and European media makers, forget about the lonely, broke film maker from small towns around the world. You want to be here presenting yourself to service big corporations and real production companies with millions and billions in profits. Target those who:

  1. Have money and
  2. Want to spend real money to buy perceived higher value.

I say go ahead to all you paranoid Russian and eastern European writers (who also do not join pros) - dump your prices…dump yourself straight down into the toilette of cheap music and try to undercut everyone. That strategy will not work. Isn’t it interesting too how Russian writers sell an awful lot here, but Russian companies NEVER buy music? hmmm…is this just coincidence?


That’s great! I’m happy that your tracks are making you more profit.
It’s up to you what you say here of course. Apologies for sticking my nose in.