Item Price Change Not Showing.

I just had a song uploaded at the wrong price (my own typing error) and I changed it to be $11 as a little experiment to see how sales do in comparison to my more expensive tracks. Whilst the price appears correctly when searching for the item, it is yet to update on the ‘New Under $12’ category, and this kinda defeats the purpose of what I set out to do.

Anyone know if or how long it takes to update

@KingDog @mgscoder

all good now.

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Whoohoo you made it to the “New under $12” category! Mad props to you!

To all those who think Envato is not trying to push price down and has no role in the race to the bottom… there you have it.


It does feel like it undervalues our work lowering to those prices, I have been avoiding it for a while but sales have been slow.

If it works out that I sell a lot more frequently though then I won’t mind too much. I’m sticking to cheaper prices for the tracks I can make in day, any longer and I don’t think it’s worth it.