Can this 2 festival flyers get approved?

Is this good enough to gets approved?
Thank you very much.


WOW! Looks super cool! I like both! One possible issue in the second one is that Las Vegas sign. I’m not sure but could be a copyright issues.

Oh wait! Is this a real festival?

Yes both were real festivals i made, thats why the Vegas sign appear. But this 2 are all ready oldies.
I will change all names etc. but then i know a little what level of designs Envato expects. Thnx

I don’t know what to say about uploading real festival flyers. You could send a ticket to support and ask. Also you can do some changes and create something different.

Working on a very new flyer. Called secret garden.
This is just the very beginning of the flyer.

Well i got the fully rights to upload them but i think your right. Maybe i create brand new ones and leave the existing ones behind till i know more about upload this ones.

When you got paid for the fryers, it means that you gave-up the copyright and passed it to the owner. I don’t think you’d be able to use these fryers as you may end-up dealing copyright issues/claims even though you change it.

What you can do is, to create the fryers and get it upload it to the marketplace then you can sell the copies to 3rd parties

Ki-themes, your right i dont take the risk, i will make completely new stuff.
I was started with a Fairytale music party flyer but it will took 2 days more to complete it.
Just add few elements more, blend everything together and add light, shadow and light fx.
Also maybe change the color of the title little bit.
Hope i can inspire other users.

In my opinion the Fairy Tale flyer is nowhere near the quality of the first one.

I know but this is just the beginning of the concept. The first step. I must add some elements, flora etc. to make it one piece of art. Then i must add the light effects, shadows and more. Im not a quantity designer to make few fast money but a quality designer who wants to sell great flyers.
So have patience :wink: