They reject my Festival artwork

I upload this one as a graphic but they rejected it.
Can’t believe it after lot’s of hours work couple of years ago.
Im speachless.

What are they searching for when they don’t like this?


I found this here

Later edit: This is definitely yours. I saw the clown :slight_smile:

I like it you captured Alice in Wonderland’s mood

hi my friend, I think the problem may have been the category where u post your item, are u sure that u put the right one? because this is not a flyer here lol u do not have any text at all … lol the only small thing that I see otherwise is that the “meeting point” between the island and the water is not looking super realistic in my view > no work is absolutely perfect :slight_smile:

i tought i post it in
My World of Wonders artwork was approved there last night.
But i think that i post it in
So i will try again as a background, i will work on that reflection too.

This is my adobe stock account, I have not been there for 5 years i think.
To prove this is my account and that im not a copy-cat.
But glad you like it and hope to make more of those artworks.

Not sure where this sits with you being an exclusive author - regardless of it being your own work and a flyer rather than just the image, it might be an issue.

on the other hand , it’s been rejected so I guess the case is closed lol

hard to tell where to post such items indeed, I frankly have no idea, besides, this is true that sometimes if u have some sort of “unusual products” this is not always easy to get to know if u are in the right category …

It could be an issue but I didn’t even know it was on Adobe stock too.
I have been there for 5 years.
Didn’t even know that i have this account, it’s so long ago.
BUT if it is rejected for that reason i agree.
It can’t be that is is rejected about quality reasons because this is unique and very HQ artwork.
I sent a ticket so hope that i know whats wrong and how to post it in the right category.
I will not upload this artwork again and made different ones wich is not on adobe stock.