Hope these 2 flyers been approve

Worked hard on this 2 flyers.
Valentine party is fully 3D artwork design.
Hope that the get approved.



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hi Ritchie
indeed both flyers have very little in common and if u ask me there is one which is waaaayyyy more interesting than the other indeed. I wish u could have posted 2 threads instead of one , this would have been more convenient indeed, anyway, let’s get started.

flyer heartbeat
1- global style
i am sorry to say just this , but u ask me, this flyer’s style looks quite dated in my view and i cannot say that i tend to consider this creation as really unique or original too
2- color combinations
i personally believe that this is clearly not a good idea to mix the colors like this here … the fact of the matter is that there is nothing really outstanding to say the least and that there is an impact on diverse other points, pls see blow, but the bottom line is that hat we can say is that choosing complementary color combinations or shades of the same color would have helped to fix some problems
3- contrast
this is what i started to evoke in the previous point, but this is not the only “negative effect” of the color u chose indeed. AS the contrast is not satisfying enough , u get in a snowball effect in a combination of all kind of problems and is definitely not helping to have punchy elements and high impact
4- readability
once again this is coming from color associations and the lack of contrast but the fact of the matter is that u rather have to scrutinize to read rather than read directly indeed, which is a problem all the same and makes u more or less violate some basic design rules in this case …
5- hierarchy
to be honest i have a bit trouble to figure out why u give the club name such a small place and that u repeat it twice , including once which is almost invisible so , in other words, almost unuseful indeed. As for me, if i had been u , indeed, i would also have rather associated the date with the main title as regard to the decoration that u gave it and the fact that u made it a really important point … besides, still in the same idea, i feel this is too bad that u did not make the clock and text , in other words, th central composition spring out a bit more indeed …
6- frame and breathing
apart from looking quite old and not bringing anything too much more visually speaking, for me the frame is also a problem as this is making u stick to texts and that the concerned texts are not breathing in the end …, not to mention that it helps to emphasize another issue, pls see next point
7- misbalance
the frame is highlighting the fact that the upper part is looking more crammed than the lower one and besides, the header is almost invisible , stuck to the frame, blocked in between the wings
8- finition
there is shadowing issues and also stroke ones, as well. The fact of the matter is that there should be shadows for birds, on the clock. For the wings, as well. Emphasizing the title by placing one behind, on the clock would have been a good idea, too, if u ask me. Otherwise there is the store thing, i know that this is not your fault as this is photoshop that is not running strokes as well as illustrator does but in the end , the additional stroke - dark pink - is not looking good visually speaking
9- lighting
do not get me wrong this is looking not bad for it but to be perfectly complete in the review, let’s face it , i would have to add that the lighting of the main clock is actually not really accurate as the light is coming from behind of it … the central part should thus be darker in the end …and the edges should , on the other hand , look brighter
10- banner
if i were i would try to bring some relief on the date banner indeed , as this is looking pretty simple and flat at this stage

santa beat flyer
indeed , i like it much much more than the other one, not only are the concept and composition much more unique but the way the flyer globally looks is way better and the global style is by far more modern , too. Indeed, the central composition, the background and titles are really good to say the least. Now this does not mean that the flyer is absolutely perfect and that there aren’t thing that u could fix to take your game to the next level. Let’s start
1- balance
once again, u have an issue all the same with the way the flyer is organized and the upper part is once more looking way more crammed than the lower one
2- global harmony
indeed, u have here and there some details ruining the global harmony of the flyer that u could create otherwise … this starts with the typo for instance and the global disposition of elements
3- typo
this is sad that u have some weaker parts here as there are very good thing like "santa beats party and the associated effects as well as the line for Djs which is relaly interesting but the rest is a bit spoiling what u have done - in particular the “royal flush presents” - by not matching really completely according to me. Let’s say also that this is also emphasized by the next point …
4- spacing and disposition
i believe that the date data , this is not a good idea to place it there , this is rather parasitizing the composition and titles more than any other thing, and the footer is a illustrating a real problem of spacing in your texts belonging to the lower part of the flyer indeed
5- realism
i identify the problem mainly due to the balls that u have spread around, if u wanna make something realistic , there is a need to give them a motion blur or u have to put them straight and make them hang from the roof so to speak … but i prefer the first option by far, personally this looks more modern and no doubt that it would be more in keeping with the style of your item and composition and titles …
the two small balls in each corner, u should better take them out or increase their size dramatically and give them a blur
6- shadowing
u should place a shadow behind the tree , this would help to give depth to the composition and this would emphasize the star on top of the tree as well. Shadows behind the balls are not really indispensable or realistic here, on the other hand …

as a final observation for this one, i believe that the flyer would be better if u were bringing more texture to the background , being the composition , at least in the right part, it looks too smooth and simple and u would add more contrast in the process, too

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Thanks, they are in day 5 of the queue.
Don’t delete them cause it’s almost christmas. I wait till approved or rejected.


the santa one has g good potential and may make it Richard , as for the other one, i doubt it has a chance , but we never know , i hope it will be ok for u in any case , i cross fingers :slight_smile:

both rejected, i am leaving Envato, can get the motivation anymore.
i have make a close account request.
Done with Graphic Rejected

Goodbye all.
Richard Royalflush 2014

hey Richard , common! keep sticking to what u are doing … u have been so very progressive , this is really too bad …