Can someone comment on why they were not accepted?

I drew two logos and both were not accepted. Truly motivating crusher. What could be the reason?

hi buddy did u have horizontal versions as well, as expected? this is required … otherwise i like your logos, but quite frankly the illustration part is cool but the typo part is somehow some way a bit flat if u ask mei think that u should try to bring a big originality and try to combine fonts a little bit more so that this is matching even better with your illustrations and so that the item globally looks more creative again. PLs keep in mind that typo is much of an issue here. For the sushi one, i amnot sure for the red curve indeed, for me it does not bring anything to the table and it does not necessarily looks visually too. If i were u i would try to put the tagline in caps , as well, at least u can give it a try …

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Thank you very much for your comment. I didn’t do horizontal versions. I think my deficiency is only in the direction of typography.

well you are required to provide horizontal version as well, as for i know, this is compulsory. Indeed, if u miss some aesthetic issue and add sone technical one u are sure to have your item rejected lol

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