Can I use a premium html theme in a Udemy course?

I’m working on a web development tutorial and I use a premium theme. Usually the teachers provide the finished project’s codebase for download so the students can follow along. What license do I need for this and how to get one?

You wouldn’t be able to do this with envato’s licenses - you would need a separate license/purchase for every copy that you make available to download, and even then you would not be able to distribute it ‘as is’ and you would have had to customise it (significantly) first

What do you mean by customize it?

When you buy a template you can’t just distribute it ‘as is’.

It needs to be part of a different project i.e. changing layouts, colours, content, adding pages, functionality etc. This needs to go further than changing a logo and a few colours

Regardless - your biggest issue is the need for individual licenses per use

Well the idea is to build a live project out of the theme. The content and the images would be different but the style and look will be the same.

I can easily remove the CSS from the project but I can’t remove the markup. The student can download the final implementation. The markup is split and placed inside framework components with added functionality. The downloaded files would contain part of the markup and most of the CSS.

You could use it to demo the course but you could not then share those files as downloads to students

Thanks! I just wanted to be sure.