Can I transfer a regular theme license from XAMPP LocalHost to my client's website?

Hi people,

I have bought a theme from ThemeForest and i run it on XAMPP LocalHost, Because it is my first experience with ThemeForest , I want it to know is my license dubt or can i still use this Theme for my customer?( i have Regular license)

Thank you

You can use it for your customers website but will need to remove it from its current location.

It can only be installed/used on one website at a time

Thank you

one more question, if i inistall it to one domain and later i will transfer it to other domain what wil happend to my license?

If you want to use it on another website then you need to remove/depreciated it from the first one before trying to install use it elsewhere

Thank you . But i have remove the theme from Local host but i didnt know that i have to deactive the token name or license idk . and also i delete the woordpress. is there any way to delete the token name from another way? if yes Can u plz tell me ? if not , what is the solution if u know it .


The process will depend on the theme. The best option is to talk to the author