Can I sell a theme?

I bought this theme here and I’m no more using it. I asked a refund with no success. Can I sell it to others? Is this possible? Thanks in advance for any reply.

No you can’t.

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Thank you for your reply, charlie4282. So, as I’m no more using it… I basically lost my money, right? Should I re-try asking a refund from the author?

It’s the same with any digital marketplace - otherwise anyone could download a file then request a refund because they “don’t need it anymore” but still have the product and can use it.

Your case may be more genuine but it’s not grounds for a refund

You could use it for a client project and sell that but you can’t sell it here or on any other marketplace and if you did create a a private client job then the file needs to be considerably edited and adapted as it cannot be resold anywhere is its original format.

I completely understand, charlie4282. Thank you again for your reply. The fact is that we closed the website so now I have this theme and I do not plan to use it anymore, so I was thinking if there was a way to “give it back” to the theme author. Nothing else.

Most of the people purchase the theme and after some time they find another good theme as compare to previous. So they buy that but it doesn’t mean that they come back and get the refund of the previous theme.