If my refund was cancelled is there any place I could sell a theme bought from Envato?

My refund request was cancelled by theme author, is there any place I could still sell a theme I purchased from here which doesn’t work correctly?

Hey @Anriti,

Normally you are not able to sell that item to others but you can transfer license for this purpose you have to contact wtih help center. If you already use that item any domain then you are not able to do anything you have to use that.

You you open a Envato help ticket they would like to guide best best what you can do or not.


Thanks for reply.
But how can I prove I don’t use that theme in any domain?

no worry contact with help center they will guide you best.
They can check that.
No worry mates Envato customer success is best for helping hand.

Technically you couch do this anyhow - you can’t distribute/sell items “as is” regardless of if you are or are not using it already