Can i know why my template was rejected? I put a lot of effort for months to create this.

“We already have lot of very similar parallax slideshows and unfortunately this is not the best example. Since this item doesn’t offer outstanding visual quality or bring much new - we can’t accept it.”
This is what they said. But the way i have done is completely different with my own method and not copied from anywhere. And, i feel its quite different then the ones i find on videohive. Please, advice where i went wrong.

Reviewer comment is spot on. It doesn’t matter how you achieved the look if the look is very similar to most of parallax slideshows found here already.

There is nothing really wrong quality-wise, but if you want to submit to a massively oversaturated category you have to provide either something really new or something really outstanding.


You are a little late. The “Parallax” style was popular 4-5 years ago. Now it is very difficult to surprise someone with this. There is nothing new in your project


Please don’t copy other author work… I have seen more thousand template like this, and there is not something new here. Try to make new transition which someone not use before.

Not a single thing is copied from any author. I did definately refer projects similar to this for ideas… but never copied anything.

Thank you bracknelson.
That’s the best input i could i ever get.