my after effects template is Hard rejected (1) and i dont know why!

hi there. i cannot understand why my template is rejected

It’s too simple. The lower thirds are exactly the same. All scenes are also not very different from each other. Overall it looks a bit boring. I had 2 rejected projects, they had the same problem. Try to add more originality and variety. Otherwise, your item will not be able to compete with similar items already on the market


Thank you for replaying,
you advise me to change the all template or to improve the movement and add some different scenes to make it more attractive and competitive

I would try to improve this project, but the changes must be global so that the project is not rejected again

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thank you for the revert,
can I contact you to help me to improve the template

I have already pointed out things that you could improve :point_up:

I think you should add camera movement (keep zooming in or out) beside a variety of scenes, don’t depend on a single moment in the scene, do more animation.
The design is good, but you
You should reduce the background opacity a bit