My Item Got Rejected Please help!

Hi My Item is rejected that is my first try anyone is here to help me. I don’t why the item rejected they don;t give the reason just saying unprofessional. I have work really hard (about 4 weeks). I made this template for after effect beginners with easy controls. So please please help me.


The reason is your work is copying of this item, and this item is more well done than yours.

When you make templates try to make it unique and come with new ideas, You have to keep in your mind 2 things: uniqueness, and quality.

Good luck with your next project, and keep going :+1:

Hi Sir. I just copy the preview because I like the preview of this template. But the animation I did is uniques. Is this is a reason my template got rejected? but they did not say that my item rejected due to copy.

Thank you Sir. I need your more help. If I will send you the tutorial link you will see the inside of the template and can find out the mistakes because you are professional.



Even if you make the animation different than the Book promotion item, it is still the same idea that the author has created.

If you want to make a similar idea that already exists in the market, and you know that you could make it looks more professional with more uniqueness, you can do that, unless that, it won’t be approved.

I think the rejection because of the similarity as well as the overall quality, the background and the shadow of the book are not looking professional.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you. Sir!

Agree, overall execution is poor