The Envato Elite Program is Changing

Gift are more valuable reward then money. We already earned money. So, everyone preferred gift reward then cash bonus. Please reconsider this change. Thanks.


You know why people would grow that damn mustaches for that your weird “Movember” competition or why we would agree to be beta testers for completely free? Trophies! People love trophies, no matter how irrational the desire, we would spend $1000 equivalent of effective time just to get a cool badge here. Even more so, with the Envato rewards. When I show someone the bag I received from Envato, it makes me feel proud and accomplished. Now imagine me showing the shiny $100 banknote I just got from the ATM that was sent by Envato! Yay, $100 banknote… how exactly would that make me feel… the word is “stupid”, I guess? I’d prefer not to receive anything at all for that matter.


All Cool, no questions!

Hey team!

I think this is not best as compare between gift and fixed amount reward. For example the amount of bellow <$500 is not good to get cash where some physical gift will very awesome and motivated.

So i think at least when some one reach elite & power elite & 16th level, they must get physical gift & rest of level may get cash reward. Also the cash reward amount is very low so it need to increase as least starting amount should be 500$

Thank you.

Hello Envato Team,

Thank you for the comment.

We are working last 4 year on envato platform with many effort and build best product and customers support. after your this comment we are not happy with your offer for USD 75. I hope all author not want USD 75 because they archive this level and they want such rememberable envato gifts such as Tshirt, vegemite, coffe cup, notebook etc…

We are not saying 75 USD is good but your gifts is very rememberable. we made ( USD 75,000+ ) in envato so this is your responsibility with our Gifts.

We collected some of youtube videos. this is an always rememberable it with archive this level 7 and happy with next level.



Thank you.

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Like really? An author who sold 1M dollars. The gift is 1K? 1K is like 1 hour earning for a power elite author.

Make something more exciting. Like a PC gift, Xbox. TV, Phones etc. Not a 75 dollar for 75.000 author. :slight_smile:


I think this is a good decision. I prefer cash rewards. Gifts are a waste of money.
Maybe it would be better to increase the cash amount of the first tiers and decrease the amount of the highest tiers. In the beginning we need this money more than in the highest tiers. I do think it would be good to have a few other rewards. Like the change to visit Envato headquarter for the higher tiers.


Maybe giving authors options is the best way to handle this matter. When an author reaches a milestone an email can be sent with a request to choose between cash and gifts. Personally I was looking forward to the next care pack. Of course you can always think about official Envato Merch Store, so we can spend all our cash rewards there :smiley:


This is great that we got almost all possible physical rewards :slight_smile: New cash based system is a joke. This numbers should be x10 at least to means something for authors who will got it on this milestones.


That would have been funny, if it had not been so sad! A thousand dollars for someone who has made a million is an equivalent of one not very lucky sales day. It is nothing. It can’t be an encouragement or a motivation.

Just an idea
It would be way better for the authors if you remove Envato Studio services (which are useless for authors who had made over $50K) and send out merchandise for the amount we’re entitled to according to your table.

Speaking about money rewards
When an author reaches a certain milestone, the reward should be high enough to let them take a couple of weeks off before starting the journey to the next one. So your table should look like this:

Envato Elite Program does need redesign, but the way you’re doing it now is not too appealing. Adding more merchandise and removing Envato Studio services will make the authors much happier.

Thank you,
Elfsight Team


To get money is never bad (those money rewards looks a bit underestimated IMHO), but actually I’m just a bit sad.

I will never forget the 125K milestone for the rest of my life. I still have the shipped paper box with its contents in my closet. I’m not sure other people can understand the pure joy I lived receiving a pack from Australia (the exact opposite side of the world from Italy) with all those great goodies! :smiley:

Those milestone items were symbolic: no one thought about their value, we were just happy to get them. We felt like being part of a real thing, now will just be like an aseptic bank transfer…

Romances apart, I’ve got an important question for @steve_lam: how those money fall in terms of taxation? We will receive them through swift?


Gotta say I don’t really like what I see here. As it was already mentioned throughout the discussion, the physical rewards are more “valuable” then some extra money that is sprinkled, which is imho a bit of a joke.

There are people struggeling over years to get to 75K for example and as a “milestone” they recieve $75? That feels kind of akward…And not only that. They also generated you quite a bit of net profit even with “just” 75k made in sales, so $75 looks even more bizarre. It’s not a milestone, it’s just a bit of pocket money. Same goes for all other tiers. Add a “0” to every sum till LV13 and it feels more like a reward/milestone than just something you can very well archive within a few days if you’re a well selling author.

No sir, so far this does not look like a generous change within this program.

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I did a lvl 2 elite and get this message 30.10.2019:

Congrats! You made it to Elite Level Two.

Hey survivor,

Congrats on reaching the next level, awesome work.

We’ll get your care pack sent out to you in the next couple of weeks. All care packs are sent with tracking so you’ll need to sign upon delivery — keep a look out for your delivery notice! Also, please be aware that some Elite care packs have been delayed while additional stock is in production. If you are affected by this, we will reach out to you when your care pack has been shipped.

Well, it is 19.12.2019 and I still didn’t get any other message :frowning:

Guyes if i realy sell 500k do i realy care about 500$ to have it as a gift ? The answer is no at all

At leat 5000 for a 500k is good


I think this is a way forward :slight_smile: While the first package reward is quite exciting, as one passes into other teirs, I think monetary rewards might be better. We can still buy something that rewards us of our achievements. Just pick the thing you were longing for in that price range and pick it up :slight_smile: Of course the packages had their magic as well… but I remember paying quite a substantial fee for my first reward package, just to clear its duty, that I could have bought the items myself with the same amount of money.

Wanted to ask regarding the envato studio rewards… these will still remain right? They were very helful to my business in the past! As they gave us the incentive to rebrand, etc, and there are some talented creatives over there :smiley: Can you clear this out @steve_lam?


Guys you can just buy yourselves something to remember your efforts with the extra money. Also, envato doesn’t really have to give anyone anything, they could’ve just updated the badge on your profile without any rewards at all. If rewards weren’t introduced at all, nobody would complain about anything and everyone would still work the same. Anyway…


So, Envato is not going to send anyone to Space? The Elite program was just a big lie? So many empty promises and meaningless words at Envato…

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Hey guys, congrats for the idea of changing the Elite Author Reward Program to cash rewards, however, I have to say that my initial enthusiasm was cut off, when I saw the actual numbers of the cash rewards…
I understand that lately there are many authors who reach the Elite Author level, and paying each of them a large amount of money could impact Envato’s profits, however, I still feel that the amount of reward should be at least the amount Envato used to spend for the physical care packages (assembly and shipping) + the value of the item design packages that were offered as bonuses. So, to keep things reasonable for both Envato and us, I would say something like the list from below:

  • Level 7 - 200$
  • Level 8 - 400$
  • Level 9 - 800$
  • Level 10 - 1600$
  • Level 11 - 3200$
  • Level 12 - 6400$
  • Level 13 - 12800$
  • Level 14 - 25600$
  • Level 15 - 51200$
  • Level 16 - 102400$ (the cost of a “cheap” commercial space flight?)

The numbers are nice and round. :slight_smile:

PS: I am also waiting for my Elite Author lvl 2 care pack since October. :smiley:


What happens to the not yet received rewards for reaching the 5m and 10m milestones?

We have not received ours yet (yes, both) and would be happy to trade both original rewards for the new ones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: