Can I get feedback please? Thanks :)

Hi Guys,

I am glad I’ve found this awesome community. I am new to corporate music and would highly appreciate any feedback regarding this jingle before I upload it to Audiojungle for review.

My last 2 jingles were rejected and I guess it was about the quality. Please tell me what you think and if I should upload it it or edit something in it.

Here is a Soundcloud link:


The way you structure your music is not in a level to monetize.
Give some more time to practice and watch tutorials. i would recommend “Infraction No Copyright sound” channel he has a playlist call tutorials it will be very helpful to you.
Have a good day

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Thanks I will sure do

Do you receive any reason for it’s being denied? I’m not exactly into music but it sounds good to me. You shouldn’t be forced to manipulate your music any way the industry whims. If nobody else likes it, who cares? It’s the first of many that you’ll be changing probably so why can’t you upload every single version or change so the rest of us can see how it evolved.
About the only thing I think might be added is maybe a woman with a little sexual thing going on (not the real deal, maybe just get your girlfriend to fake it every so often in the song). ":wink: I’ll need my copyright on that.

Will see what I can do, thanks for your reply anyway!