Can anyone is able to explain it ?

Hey guys!. How is it possible that the overall sales is lower than week’s stats?

Withholding taxes from US sales?

check if you have a refund in your statement history then if you have a refund in last week that will not show in the current week

Yeah, that’s a good point. And I’ve just thought that the ‘this week’s stats’ amount probably shows the amount earned after tax, so it shouldn’t affect it. Probably is a refund/reversal.

Maybe you bought something with your Envato account?

I considered that, but everything on the marketplace is in $1 increments, so I’m not sure where the 32 cents would have gone.

No, I have not bought anything here

But thank you to reply to me

Please don’t worry, I got part from your difference.:slight_smile:


i also think that the referal do not take part of the earning count not sure…

hi bro, i just tend to believe that there’s a bug in your account and that the best thing is for you to check all this out with the help center, sometimes, some things like sales are not refreshing well according to what i could read and i would not be surprised if u were facing something like this … (in particular if u did not buy anything …)

and I thought this was happening to everyone :confused: my account is broken as well

No comment.