Call for Collis Ta’eed, Envato founder:Please Separate Elements!!


Now, be patient. You have to wait for phase B for that.


What about C & D or will that also be on rotation whilst learning about buyers behaviour?


Maybe there is a pattern in the matrix.


This aggressive advertisement of a model that’s different from the market on the marketplaces also leads to frustrated and confused buyers, which we all know that leads to less sales… take a look at all this topics created JUST ON THE LAST 7-8 DAYS about confused customers…

At the beginning of Elements, we asked if Elements was going to have a similar banner promoting the markets (as elements has here):

and they told us that they didn’t wanted to confuse buyers that could mix elements model with the market one…but seems that they have no problem with doing it the other way around…


I keep scratching my head as to why Envato would rather have a customer pay $16.50 for unlimited downloads as opposed to paying $20 to $60 for an individual license and possibly returning to the market several more times in the future to buy “items” they may need again.

What creates more revenue? A customer who pays $16.50 a month? Or a Customer who buys 2 to 3 licenses a month at author asking price?

Subscription models are not sustainable for media creators, ultimately they will fail individual authors.

Selling individual licenses is a sustainable model. Buyers and sellers need to support and embrace that model long term. Capitalism, fear, greed, paranoia, and exploitation need some urgent examination from all parties at this moment in time.

Just make a product and sell it, one unit at a time. Why should it be any different than that?


is it?



just cancel my subscription and give me my money back, you guys are useless.

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These topics means Envato really knows what they are doing, As you can see most people wants to join Elements because of certain items on themeforest that’s mean Elements can bring customers to our items not visa versa, Asking people to pay 16.50$ for unlimited downloads is more convincing than asking them to buy single item even for the same price soon or later once customers release they don’t need unlimited items to get their job done there is a higher chance that they will back to themeforest and buy their item even if the item is already available on Elements customer will still back to the original item on the market for things like support… I know most people will disagree with me but I see Elements as a smart way to encourage more people to join the community.

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I’ve wondered about this. The best rationale I can come up with is that they see this as a choice between losing market customers to rival subscription services vs ‘losing’ them to their own subscription service. Either will lose them income but customers shifting to Elements is obviously better for Envato then losing them altogether. That would also explain the aggressive pricing strategy, with flash sales etc.


I definitely think this is a part of it. But you also need to take into account how incredible beneficial it is for a company to have recurring revenue. A tiny constantly recurring revenue beats a bigger “random” revenue in this case.

Another thing is that Envato do squeeze all the different markets into the same formula. I think the whole scenario would be quite different if AudioJungle and Themeforest had switched market shares for example. The point is just that the markets reacts very differently to such a sub model and I think Envato would be quick to change things if their biggest market Themeforest was suffering.

Very good point. I find it so strange that they still don’t bother to put Envato Elements on the banner. On my phone it’s different though, there the banner actually says Envato Elements. But who knows, they might have a significantly higher click rate by not making it clear that it is Envato Elements. Being misleading might pay off…short term. Or long term if they sign up :slight_smile:


I think this is very true and something that us AJ authors tend to forget. We are a comparatively small part of the Envato eco system in financial terms and have always been an ‘add on’ to the core business of Theme Forest. TF is what the business was founded on and what made Envato such a big success. The Elements model is very different for TF as there is clear choice between paying more to have ongoing support or paying less through elements and not getting that support (as well as a more limited range of items)


I’ve seen the danger of Elements first time I 've seen it a long time ago. I posted here in forum but everytime a moderator gave me arguments that Elemetns will not affect sales on the marketplace… where were you then guys and how come you failed to see this a long time ago also where is that moderator now :slight_smile: seam that he just vanished. Curious what would his arguments be now.

Like it or not Elements is here to stay and probably if it continues like this only very very good files will sales on the marketplace maximum 5% of the total files the rest will be Elements… and the irony is that it is our fault because we are part of it and feeding the beast, so if you art part of Elements stop complaining, makes no sense


I think 99% of the authors who generally communicate on the forum complain as they can. I practically do not see a positive post about this, it is strange for whom it is profitable then? except Envato. Personally, I have seen a decline in sales after Elements, I see that many also …


+1, I support.


I support.










For our item pages:


As a newcomer to envato, I’ll tell you that this advertisement scared me, I doubted working with you. I support CommercialMusic