Buying a template is a lottery ...

I bought the Prestashop template but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

The Quickstart option is a joke. I installed it on 2 servers and it doesn’t work on each. I have the impression that buying anything here is a lottery.
Can I get a refund? Why should I pay for something that is suitable for the bin?

Have you checked the documentation?

You have 6 months support so I would suggest contacting the author and getting their help

I am sorry but it seems to me that uploading files and taking 3 steps from the instructions is not a problem.
Even for you it stopped working ???

You shouldn’t definitely give contacting an author a try. That items comes with a support so the authors is obliged to help you. If he won’t, you are well within your rights to ask for a refund.

As to your rhetorical question about this marketplace being a lottery, I understand you are disappointed by your purchase, and there is certainly a lot to improve when it comes to the quality standards, especially for older items. But there are thousands of authors and items here, I do not think it is fair to judge whole marketplace based on just one purchase.

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This describes another way that buying anything here is a lottery: it is impossible to tell in advance whether it is actually suited for the task. I had to replace an adequate theme and chose one that looked right . . . but wasn’t. Result: lots of wasted time and effort. Is there any way to post requirements and see what’s out there?

Ok, but the alternative is paying thousands of $ for custom built solution. There is always some risk involved with purchasing something like a theme beforehand, but you can always ask pre-purchase questions to minimize that risk.

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You are sort of answering your own question here… if you have 5 requirements we could probably find themes quickly to tick the boxes but unfortunately there will inevitably more or other considerations that you may not have thought of, or even which come about based on the theme choices.

Ultimately only you know what is in your mind and what works. If you stick to established authors and popular items then you should be ok

Thanks Charlie,
I would love to write a wish-list of 5 items for expert consideration — but where would I submit it?

You can put them here but speaking as someone who has purchased well over 1K items it’s never that simple.

  • There will always be other considerations

  • Another thing on the wishlist

  • If a recommendation has a feature you had no thought of then this could change the dynamic

  • You will find themes that tick all the boxes but you don’t like the design

the list never ends…

Also, with respect to every buyer - peoples’ experience level and technical/design etc. capabilities play a major part in this process and how it works.

As you said - you had an adequate theme that looked right - but it wasn’t. Proves the exact point