Buy extended support for an existing purchased theme

Hi guys,

I recently got an enquiry from a customer who is willing to get our theme extended support. He is an old customer and his support time is about to end and he requested for the following

“I would like to extend support for this theme for 12 months. Please let me know how to buy the extended support.”

I dont see a possible way for customers to get extended support who missed to purchase it in initial purchase

Any suggestions

This option will become available once the current support period expires. Some time before March next year.

ok, I got it. let me see when this customer is about to expire


i have bought an item which support ends in less than a month… but i do not see any new option to buy extended support (w/o paying again for the item itself)

so Envato can you please inform us on this matter?


I am also wondering this, good way to ask them here:

Extended support options will be available before the March deadline :smiley: Thanks!

Still waiting for an answer. I need to renew support and nothing here tells me how to do so!

No problem :grin: This Help Center article has all the instructions.