Purchasing only support extension not possible actually?

a customer just raised a question on a support ticket: he wants to extend its support entitlement… but how to do that?

I’ve never checked this possibility before, but: is it possible currently?
In the item’s page I can only purchase item + support extension.


From what I read there is no possibility of purchasing Support alone at the moment (please correct me if I’m wrong). It should be available from “downloads” section up to 5 months from now.

So: can you only purchase it when it’s expired?
In my opinion would be a good chance to collect more sales. Better to feel safe and extend it now (as my customer would)

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Yes. I’ve already mentioned this in @andrewfreeman 's post. May be they are working on it.

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They will add this feature by March.

Same situation here :wink: A customer asked for extended support. I agree with you. This option should be live today.

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Same here, buyers want to buy it now

Official announcement required here, any staff can be reply when will be it ready?

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And happened again yesterday: “I’d liike to purchase a support extension”… ehm…

Guys: we and you (Envato) are losing money here. damn.

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Any news about it?
Time is running over and only this week I got 3 requests from customers wanting to extend support…

Time to bump this topic up. Customers are asking for it.

We got the same question from customers. Any update from the staff?

I’m also getting several requests about this. It would be great if this feature was introduced before most of the support expires.

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Not to mention customers could purchase support extension now (during support period) and save https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/205923460

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