Extending support after 6/12 months

Is it possible for buyers to extend support after 6 or 12 months for next 6/12 months ?

I searched a lot but not able to find anything about this.

As far as I know, a buyer can never have more than 12 months remaining in his/her accumulated support period, and one can’t buy another support pack until one is in the last 6 months of active support, as only two support packs can be active at any time.

Purchase: 10/01/2015 - Basic Support ends 03/31/2016
6 Month Extensions - Extended Support ends 09/30/2016

The user will not be able to buy another support pack until 04/01/2016, after the first support package expired and only one active support package remains on his/her account.

But that’s just my understanding of the whole process. :slight_smile:

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I contacted envato support team about this and they have replied.

We intend on adding that option within the next 5 months or before the initial 6 months runs out

So it looks like it’s great for those buyer who want to get more support then just 6/12 months by giving extra fee.

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That’s great!

Well, one month left on support for buyers. Still no option. Envato needs to update their help center article to accurately reflect this:


I’m getting customer after customer ask about this.

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