Business Card Template Need Feedback. Thanks all!

My new business cards Design. Looking forward to feedback from you Guys.
Thanks all !

I visited your portfolio on Behance and if you want to create business cards you need to change your style completely. I saw many similar cards rejected here. Just search for Rejected Business Card in forum.


hi if u ask me, the problem with what u create this far in a general way is that u are changing a few things on the margins but u are very much into creating things that are more or less existing already … this is transpiring from many details indeed, style, disposition, color associations, and so on … u are also likely to repeat many mistakes on regular basis , even if u were explained what was supposed to be done … if u do not keep these things in mind u will be confronted to the same things over and over again … in this case, u also have a difficult slanted organization of elements which makes u end up having trouble to place some icons and information and sone ended up a bit too close from the margins indeed … once again u have a misbalance between one side and the other , one being way more crammed and the other one being way more empty, among other things