Business card design rejected. Please provide feedback on possible reasons!


Hello friends! My Business card design got rejected saying it doesn’t meet quality standard of envato. Would you be kind enough to send your valuable feedbacks, as they would help me as a beginner. Would be anxiously waiting!



The shadows would be a bit of a heacache to print and I’m not sure how good they would look in real life.

On the front:

  • There’s no real hierarchy

  • There’s inconsistent margins from the logo and the URL

On the back

  • it looks as if the second icon is closer to the URL than the other two are to the email and phone number

  • All the different parts e.g. Contact, logo, name don’t align with one another

  • It’s quite odd to have completely different fonts on the front from those on the back

This is a super competitive category and requires serious attention to detail

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I am very thankful for your detailed feedback. Regarding the fonts; do you suggest that I use only one font as in this design I used 2 different fonts. And, another great help would be to provide an example or an online resource of proper alignment of text as you mentioned if possible. Thanks a lot for your time. Really appreciate!


If you Google design principals like alignment and hierarchy there are lots of articles and tutorial

In this case the difference parts of the design are not aligned or really placed in a layout that makes them work together so it just feels like a few parts out on a canvas rather than being a complete concept

As for fonts - themes no harm havin ore than one esp of it’s a logo font and then a different one for the contact details as long as again they pair rather than just being different for the sake of it.

Also the icons don’t really fit and feel unlike the rest of the design too

As mentioned it’s all about attention to detail

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