First Business Card Submission Rejected! (Please Help With Feedback)


I am a brand new author here on Envato, or at least trying to be, and I tried to submit my first project but it was rejected. I am not sure why. The email said it was not the standard needed. My layers in both .Ai and .PSD were well organized and easy to use as well as everything necessary to print. I am not sure what didn’t meet the standard. Anyways, I appreciate any feedback I can get and completely respect all of the amazing artists in this community. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Any comments? I would greatly appreciate any feedback.


your design look great but as far as i’ve red on this forum you should try to change the fonts, make your design more unique and so on. It’s very frustrating because they don’t say what is the problem on “Hard rejections”- some pinpoints would be great (“group layers”, “change fonts” …). I’m trying myself to upload a calendar and no success. If i won’t be able to upload it in a week or so i will find another place to sell, it’s time consuming already creating the project, i can’t waste my time changing the design until i get approved (it can take months until approval). sorry i can’t help you more :frowning:


Your design is great but design needs to be improved as well as alignment, negative space balancing & typography. Good luck for the approval :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback guys. Does anyone else have any input as to why this was rejected? Thanks!


Check THIS


Thank you very much!