Busines card template rejected due to quality standard


i am uploading business card template but isn’t approved due to quality standard format so please anyone help me for that and understand me for that solution


We need to see your work so as we can advice you

can you give me your mail id so i forword to you.

You can upload it with your post. Use the available post editing tools.


i upload it.


please check your mail, i sent it.

Here is the card @graphicsmania just sent to me via my email (I guess this is his/her first time using this forum and got some difficult uploading the item)

The design looks simple / very basic unfortunately the market doesn’t want this kind of design. You need to work hard, practice a lot. Just check other authors and best seller’s works hope you will learn something. See how they organize their content on the card, font selection, color selection and spacing. Lastly make sure your design is unique and attractive, don’t copy someone’s work. Bring your own creativity to the market and customers will buy! Good luck.

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ok thanks,

but my photoshop file dimensions, size, resolution, color mode and all that are right ? i would like to know for that.

As mentioned, your design is very basic and alot if good design elements

Check these useful links with the things you struggling with:

And this one is for color theory, it is more complicated, but is very helpful:

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Yes all good

thank you so much for helping and guiding me … thanks a lot …

thank you so much for helping and guiding me … thanks a lot …