Build up something like a library of posts... for movies or things like that

In the last hours, I had a look on hundreds of theme demos and I am wondering if there is something that meets my need:

I want to create something like a directory or library, but not with locations.

I just need a post type with custom taxonomies and fields and a way to display them in different modes… for example:

  • a grid of thunbs with custom meta/taxonomie on it
  • columns of 4 or 6 or more items
  • live filtering through those items
  • filtering by meta fields / taxonomies

I had a look at template monster too… mentioned that they just take one theme and redesign in two dozen times and sell this like a new one with less features.

Well, maybe some has just seen something like this on TF

Finding exact matching theme is not possible. I believe completely customized theme build specially for you can satisfy you.

But here is one that grabbed my attention. Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

(Note: I have no relation or experience with this theme)

I can help you with the project, contact me on: looking forward for your reply.

Mehti M. Mehtiyev