a Wordpress theme to manage personal collections of everything


Dear Theme Authors,

every couple of days, you submit amazing themes that inspire millions of people. I think, my purpose is not just mine and I am looking for a wordpress theme, that will meet my requirements. As it is unique, you will definitely find more customers like me.

WHAT authors is this topic adressed to?

I think, authors with experience in directory themes are perfect for this one. But this is only my opinion. If anybody else wants to earn a lot money with my draft, just do it!

WHAT is the purpose of this Woordpress theme

Everybody is passionated in something and many many people are passionated in collecting something. Games, Movies, Board Games, Pins, Badges, Shoes, Clothes, Trading Cards and many more. What is really missing is a theme, that allows to create such a personal but public viewable database in Wordpress. There are a few directory themes, that are pretty customizable, but not enough to be really multi-purpose of this kind.

WHAT this theme needs

Let´s call my theme idee “WP Everything Collector” (WPEC as abbreviation). Now let´s talk about the features.

What we need is a plattform to generate new collections (as a custom post type), adding taxonomies and fields. Maybe our taxonomies need fields to. Let´s make an example for a board game collection:

Post Type:

boardgames-category (hierarchical)
boardgames-publisher (hierarchical)
boardgames-author (hierarchical)
boardgames-tags (non-hierarchical)
there are a lot more possible, but it´s a basic example

Custom fields for post type:
Release Year (Number or Date) // Input like 2019 or 07.2019 or 01.07.2019
Awards (Select Box) // Input like Game of the year or Audience Price 2019
Players (Number Range) // Input like 2-7 with prefix “players”
Age Recommendation (Range) // Input like 8-99 with prefix “years”
Playing time (range or number) // Input like max. 35 mins or 30-40 mins
again: there are more fields to think about to meet more purposes (like time, date, multi select, numbers, decimals, locations, text area, image, galery, video, range slider and many more). Reviews would also make a big difference, as we need to show them (and maybe allow users to rate too).

Custom fields for taxonomies:
Pubisher image (logo image)

When thinking about all these, ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) comes in mind. I think it is a must have along with theme features to add post types and taxonomies/tags

But we also need to show our content, so we need modules for collection single pages and modules for collection archive pages. Along with these, we need a powerfull search to filter our collections.

Let´s talk about single pages:
We need to show standard post elements like title, description, excerpt, featured image, comments, revisions, etc.
And we need to show our taxonomies and fields in a customizable “item specification table” or anywhere else in the post. So having a module for the item specification table and another to show post elements, taxonomies and fields would be needed.

Now the archiv pages:
We need some different designs here. I think of these modules:
Grid module to show Collection posts with image and information (post elements, texonomies, fields, badges) on it.
Grid module to show Collection posts with images and above information under it (maybe organized in columns).
List module like grid, but in a list view (big, middle, compact)
Masonry, like grid but not equal height elements
Table module (select columns from all post elements, taxonomies, fields),
A module to switch through selected loop layouts.
=>ALL GRID/MASONRY 1-12 columns
=>TABLE Features to filter and sort columns, filter by text, change amount of items shown at once, horizontal scroll from, fix column 1

Other Features for those Loops:
Click counter, add to favorites, add to own collection, post preview (like woocommerce preview)

Let´s talk about the search now.
We need to show search elements in sidebar and/or above the loop.
We want to filter by title (search text input), taxonomies/tags (dropdown or checkboxes/buttons) and special input for all our fields that can be searched. we exclue media here. But for all other, we need range selector, select boxes (single and multi with optional images for options) checkboxes (organize in columns, single, multi, with optional images) and other.
The search should work with ajax filtering (or javascript). Filters should trigger all filters reset, conditional display of other filters, and typical AND / OR conditions for shown elements.
We also need to show the cound of items for all the filter elements.

Now: User features.
Allowed user should create there own collections by just selecting items from existing collections (similar to an amazon wishlist or a collection on themeforest). They should also add new collection items to existing collections created by admin (like adding a listing to a directory). Those need to be moderated by admins along with email notifications about status (pending, published, denied).

There should also be a user dashboard, where users can manage their profile and their items/collections along with some statistcis like (items added, items in collections, items liked, items disliked, items rated…). And also, there should be away to follow/like/dislike and message other frontend users (we call them Collectors).

Important: admin needs to create also user dashboard loops. single display templated could be adopted from the above mentiones.

Other features for WPEC:

Powerfull menu with mega, icons, image backgrounds for submenu, etc.
Sidebar widgets to show reviews, new items, taxonomies, tags, search
Footer/Header Bulder

I think, a combination of ACF, Elementor, Custom modules, custom post type creation and taxonomie/tag creation functions and buddypress and a frontend form along with frontend registration, login could to the trick here .


I am sharing my idea. I hope, a author adopts my idea and a new theme is born. I really would like to help as good as i can, even i am not a coder. But for testing and other totos.


Based on you project scope, specifications and details. If you’d like to get this theme designed and developed. Then you can hire me for my quality services.

I have been offering my services and quality solutions to many other authors and freelancers via envato studio.

Please drop me an email so i can get started